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So gave up on Skryim, and installed Lego Marvel Super Heroes instead. :P They are just so damn cute.

darthkrytie replied to your post “I was watching a war movie with the teenager yesterday, and point one…”

I often wonder what kids are learning. JFC. It’s ridiculous. No one can find anything on a map and if it’s not on tumblr, it’s not worth knowing.

I come from a time where we had finals in Geography.. So I knew my world map and my capitols. They changed since, I admit that. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t move Vietnam up into Germany.

I guess they learn about domestic stuff to some degree, cause I asked her what they were doing in history classes then. And she said ‘we learn about Danish stuff, like when we were at war with the Germans’ 

Err.. Denmark was never at war with Nazi-Germany, they sorta just came here, went to the primeminister and said ‘fuck off’ and he did. End of story - and from that day Denmark was occupied. - But I just nodded cause it was semi-correct, at least she had the countries right.

I was watching a war movie with the teenager yesterday, and point one she was sure that Switzerland was a part of Germany, and so was Vietnam..  And she thought that Ukraine and Uganda was the same thing. I told her about civil wars in Africa, when she said ‘yeah something important is happening in Uganda these days’ - and I said ‘don’t you mean Ukraine?’ - And she said ‘isn’t that the same?’ - I went so far as to show her a world map and say ‘dude check this - Vietnam is there, Uganda is there and Ukraine is here.. and Switzerland is it’s own country.’ Her response was ‘wow is Thailand over there?’ O_o We even have a family friend who’s wife is Thai, how could she not know that? 

She got really upset when I told her that Switzerland wasn’t even a member of the EU, but they are a member of the Schengen arrengement, like Norway, and Iceland (okay so not sure what the Schengen is called in English)

What? WHAT?

So I told her that loads of important stuff happened while she was old enough to understand it, like the capture of Sadam, or the death of Osama Bin Laden - and so forth.. and she said ‘that dude with the sunglasses?’ 

And this is the child who wrote a paper on PFLP - what the fuck are they teaching the kids in school, man?


Children of Men (2006)


Resident Evil (2002)


Resident Evil (2002)

Alright so, I went for the dragon learned to say ‘Fuß’, the Jarl named me after some lamp or something and gave me a servant, cool beans..  - and then we went for some monks, got killed by something that looked like a yeti and decided it was time for plan B. Some crazy man asked me to look for his sister, I was supposed to ask some dude about it, but I have no clue who that is. SO I investigated, got into some tomb of some kind, needed another claw, and couldn’t find it. Got lost down there and came to this bridge puzzle or what it is. But I couldn’t figure that out either. And so I totally 180% ragequit and uninstalled. I gave it 5 hours, so thats something. ;)

Sorry dude, but I can’t even make a leatherhelmet, I have no clue who anyone is, where I am, where I am supposed to go or why. And the whole thing is giving me a headache. I need a map - a decent one. 

I’m gonna try again, eventually. Some day… err.. yeah.