Original Video: How to Make Rainbow Cheesecake

Reblogging for future reference.

I made a rainbow cake for my first college party. I covered it in black frosting and dusted it with white sprinkles so it would be very dramatic when it was cut into. The cake was thrown onto a table with a bunch of other desserts and kind of forgotten about; the host had taken it from me with a look of ‘I can’t believe this idiot freshman made a fucking black cake.’

Cue two hours later when someone cut into it and screamed, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, COME AND SEE THIS CAKE.”

After that, I had more friends than I knew what to do with.

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nephisthebadwolf replied to your post “nephisthebadwolf replied to your link “15 Terrifying Things Children…”

No, there was a presence in the place we lived when my daughter was born. I totally understand spirits. But most of those I just got that - active imagination vibe from. That kid who saw the babysitter - I figured he had a vivid dream. I do that.

I have a blog about my life with the paranormal, and to those who don’t believe in such a thing, it sounds mental I know. But I swear that what I wrote there happened, it’s not my vivid imagination. And talking about that I totally get what you mean, and I actually agree with you on most those creepy childrens stories there, they are just vivid imagination. But as I talk alot about in that blog, and to people whom I do discuss such things with, cause it’s not something I usually talk about cause people think you’re fucking crazy. Then when I communicate with spirits it’s a sorta two dimentional deal, I get some emotions from the images that flash in my head, and then it’s left to me to make sense of it, and I believe they show me things that I would associate with specific feelings, so yeah it’s like a two dimentional rebus I would try to sort through. And the reason that I am saying that is because say the child saw a tv show with someone hanging, and they asked ‘what is that’, and the parent said ‘that’s a dead person’, then the spirit could chose to give the child a mental image of someone hanging cause she’d associate that with ‘a dead person’, it doesn’t mean that this spirit died by hanging.. If you know what I mean. ^^


nephisthebadwolf replied to your link “15 Terrifying Things Children Said To Their Babysitters. These Gave Me Chills.”

I don’t know - I can come up with a pretty rational explanation for all of them except the boyfriend on the porch and the lady with the ‘braid’. Most of them to do with kids’ imaginations or siblings.

As someone who have been feeling and hearing spirits all my life (very rarely see them) then some of these I can relate to. The rest is as you say complete childrens imagination and maybe stuff they picked up from movies and stories. Still creepy though.. Especially the one who claimed the babysitter had been watching.


My sweet teenager who apparently inherited her mothers deadly ninja reflexes.. Like a panther I tell you.


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