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I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you went through with it! I went without that one week I was with my parents - and chain smoked afte

Yeah well, my filthy little secret is ;) (Or well a Danish website, but in general an E-cig.) It tastes like a hookah, yanno if you get the fruity stuff, and it got nikotine so you don’t rip the head off people. And also if you get one of the more expensive batteries (i use Vision Spinner II) a week will pass and you don’t even want a real cigaret. Seriously. And you can slowly outphase your own nitotine consumption, in your own damn time, and extra plus is that it’s like 80% cheaper than cigarettes. - Okay so they should start giving me money to advertise, but seriously that is how i got it to work without any crazy withdrawal.

I tried going cold turkey twice, that did NOT work real great. (also it was a new form of the ninth level of hell), I tried nicotine patches, and gum which is just straight out ridicolous. 

I guess the best part about that ecig is that it gives you nicotine, and also the illusion of smoking, even if it’s technically only steam.


So I quit smoking some time ago, it’s all great and that. BUT I really hate that I got my sense of smell back, wtf man. It’s like being pregnant and totally smell sensetive =(

Maybe I should just start smoking again…

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